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5 best mobile time tracking apps for employees

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Time is money when tracking the work hours of a global team. Your employees are balancing projects and deadlines while striving to log their hours accurately. Fortunately, tools like Employee Monitoring Software exist to simplify global workforce management. In this article, we highlight the top five mobile time-tracking apps, identify their ideal users, and determine the best overall option.

Features of Mobile Time Tracking Apps and Software Systems for Employees

To maximize the benefits of your mobile time tracking system, ensure it includes these essential features and integrates with Computer Monitoring Software:

Clock In/Out Functionality

A fundamental yet crucial feature, clock in/out functionality allows employees to start and end their work time directly from their mobile devices. This simplifies the process of tracking work hours, reducing the likelihood of employees forgetting to log their time. Accurate time tracking is vital for payroll and assessing the duration of tasks.

Geolocation and Geofencing

With the rise of remote work globally, it’s important to know where your team members are during their working hours. Geolocation features help you stay compliant with international labor and payroll regulations, providing added assurance and simplifying team management.

Project and Task Tracking

Understanding how much time your team spends on specific tasks offers valuable insights into efficiency and resource allocation. From a project management perspective, this information helps set realistic timelines and budgets, ensuring projects are completed efficiently.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Real-time reporting provides instant access to up-to-date information on work hours and attendance. Leveraging these reports allows you to allocate resources effectively, manage overtime, and keep projects on track.

Top 5 Mobile Time Tracking Apps and Software for Employees

We evaluated five top mobile time-tracking apps and software. Here’s a comprehensive look at how they function, their standout features, ideal users, and pricing.

Explore this overview to find the best mobile time-tracking solution for your business.

Remote: The Ultimate All-in-One Time Tracking Tool

Remote is a premier all-in-one time tracking solution, offering precise time and attendance tracking for team members worldwide. Employees can request time off through our mobile app, which also highlights local public holidays. Our mobile software supports international payroll and benefits, ensuring workers are delivered accurately and on time.

QuickBooks Time


QuickBooks Time is a cloud-based time-tracking solution designed to streamline payroll and invoicing. Its GPS tracking and real-time reporting features make tracking employee hours faster and more efficient. Team members can submit timesheets from anywhere using the QuickBooks Workforce app, while managers can instantly edit and approve multiple timesheets.


Connecteam is an intuitive app designed for mobile teams working away from desks. It allows employees to clock in and out from their phones, simplifying time tracking. Approving timesheets individually or in bulk saves time and ensures accurate and timely payment.

Within Connecteam, you can set break and overtime rules that comply with local, state, and federal labor laws. The app also alerts you when an employee exceeds their overtime limits or encounters a scheduling conflict.


Timely offers an automated solution for tracking employees’ work hours. By seamlessly capturing data from various web and desktop applications, Timely eliminates the need for manual time entry.

This automated time-tracking feature allows you and your team to focus more on your work rather than filling out timesheets. It ensures that no billable hours are overlooked, leading to precise invoicing and optimal time management.

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is an intuitive app designed to ensure you and your group never lose track of time spent on various tasks. It’s ideal for teams that need accurate records of both billable and non-billable hours.

Easily integrated into daily routines, this mobile time-tracking app minimizes the need for constant manual input. Additionally, it features a meeting scheduling function that considers everyone’s availability, automatically adjusting for conflicts and priorities.

Toggl Track also provides detailed analytics reports, giving you a comprehensive view of time allocation across tasks and projects. This insight allows you to identify areas for improving work processes and resource management within your company.