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What is the best app to buy apartment in Dubai

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Living in Dubai offers an exciting and enriching experience, particularly when you have the right tools to simplify your life. In today’s digital age, your smartphone can be your most valuable companion, offering essential apps to help you thrive in this cosmopolitan city. Whether you’re looking to buy property in Dubai Marina or just make the most of your time here, this article will guide you through the top apps in Dubai that will assist you in navigating the city, managing daily tasks, and enhancing your lifestyle.

RTA Dubai

Say goodbye to commuting hassles in Dubai with the RTA Dubai app on your gadget. Founded by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), this invaluable tool integrates all transportation services into a single, user-friendly platform.

As your digital companion for seamless city travel, it stands out as one of the best apps for living in Dubai. The app delivers real-time updates on public transport schedules, routes, and fares, simplifying daily commutes. It offers a convenient alternative to visiting physical RTA centers.

Services include:

  1. Nol card top-ups
  2. Taxi booking
  3. Traffic incident reports
  4. Parking payments
  5. Vehicle registration renewal
  6. Permit applications

Property Finder

Property Finder is an essential app for anyone seeking to buy or rent properties in Dubai. It boasts an extensive inventory of real estate listings for both rent and sale across the city, catering to all budgets and preferences.

The app offers tailored search results with custom filters, ensuring you find the perfect home. Additionally, you will gain insights into market prices and new projects, making it easier to make informed decisions.

Whether you’re new to the city or a long-time resident, Property Finder is a must-download app in Dubai for finding a new home or relocating.

Services Offered

  1. Renting or buying residential properties
  2. Detailed listing pages with high-quality images
  3. Access to the market’s newest projects
  4. Advanced search filters, including:
  5. Property type
  6. Price range
  7. Number of bedrooms/bathrooms
  8. Furnishings
  9. Unit size
  10. Amenities
  11. Listing date
  12. Leasing or owning commercial units
  13. Virtual viewings
  14. SuperAgent badge for highly qualified agents offering seamless home-finding experiences
  15. Data Guru is a hub for essential data to rent, buy, and invest
  16. Option to save properties for later consideration
Real estate
Real estate


Effortless access to healthcare services is crucial for residents, which is why the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched an app to simplify your healthcare management. The DHA app offers easy access to a range of services, ensuring that managing your health is just a tap away.

With the DHA app, you can:

  1. Book medical appointments
  2. Check lab results
  3. View your medical records
  4. Request emergency services

It’s like having a personal healthcare assistant in your pocket. Available in both English and Arabic, the app caters to a diverse user base, enhancing accessibility and convenience for all.


Careem is renowned as the most popular ride-hailing app in the Middle East. It is your reliable and affordable transport solution across Dubai. Offering a variety of options, from private cars to taxis and even luxury vehicles for special occasions, Careem meets diverse transportation needs.

With only a few taps, you can book a ride and enjoy features like real-time driver tracking, estimated time of arrival, and fare calculation, ensuring a stress-free and safe journey. Consequently, it’s one of the essential apps to have in Dubai.


In addition to transportation, Careem provides several other services, including:

  • food delivery
  • digital wallet
  • errand service

UAE Pass

If you’ve recently moved to Dubai, this app is essential for your phone. UAE Pass is the national digital identity and electronic signature solution for the UAE, offering secure access to numerous government and private sector services.

With UAE Pass, you can seamlessly log in to multiple government websites, pay utility bills, apply for visas, and much more, all from your mobile device.

Rest assured, your personal data is protected as the UAE Pass guarantees the safety and security of your information while you access crucial services. Registration is straightforward—simply use your Emirates ID number and mobile number.


  1. Digital signature
  2. Digital storage and documentation for your documents
  3. Personal data updates
  4. Instant verification of signed documents