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Noon Pacific – a great service for finding new music

Finding fresh singles is a problem that every music lover faces. You always want to listen to something new and cool since the old hits get boring. But how do you find great songs? As nowadays the music on the radio is not always so great.

And listening to the radio is not such a popular activity anymore. A solution to this problem is an excellent service called Noon Pacific, which offers the opportunity to regularly get acquainted with new songs from a variety of artists.

The Noon Pacific portal was originally considered only as an online service, but later the corresponding applications appeared on the popular Android and iOS platforms.

The service now functions like this: its managers manually check the databases with new tracks, select the most interesting ones and create a kind of TOP-10 for each week. There are other similar services, but the selection of music on those services is made in automatic machine mode, which, of course, worsens the results and makes the benefits of Noon Pacific even higher.

Application features

The application is paid, but the developers require a rather small fee of $ 1.99 for its installation. It will be an ideal app for those people who are interested in music novelties but do not want to waste time looking for them or do not know how to search for new songs.

As the developers of the service claim, the employees of the company check the most popular song charts manually, listen to the songs, and collectively decide what tracks should be included in the weekly TOP-10 and other playlists worthy of users’ attention.

Noon Pacific

The main advantages of this service are:

  1. You can listen to songs at any convenient time. There is no time limit, so if you want to listen to music right now – you can open ready-made playlists and enjoy new top-hit songs without any restrictions and limitations.
  2. Minimalist design and aesthetic appeal. More and more people nowadays begin to appreciate simplicity in beauty. This comes from the fact that the non-stop strive to decorate sites and apps with the craziest special effects is gradually passing – users appreciate convenience and comfort and the ability to quickly find what they want. The Noon Pacific app is simple but beautiful, and users appreciate this.
  3. Free archives. Even if the user has not paid for a subscription for the future, he can always easily go to the application archive and see what songs have been at the top in the past. In this archive, anyone can surely always find a lot of popular things and choose something interesting to listen to.

These are great features of the application Noon Pacific, which allows its users to get exclusively positive emotions while using it.

Users complaints

On the whole, the service is excellent, but there are moments that can be a little annoying. Here are the main disadvantages that users note:

  1. There is no information about the artist. If you like a song that was included at the top of the week, it’s not easy to find out the details about it. There’s no information about the artist, album, or lyrics. You’ll have to go to other services for that.
  2. It is not possible to sort songs by genre. It will be difficult to separate the tracks that the user does not like in principle, for example, jazz, if the service is used by a fan of pop music or rock.
  3. There is no sound tuning through the equalizer, and this can play a cruel joke on those music admirers who appreciate the highest quality sound and like to adjust the equalizer to themselves.

Noon Pacific is a great service that every music lover should have on his or her wish list. You don’t have to get locked into a few dozen or hundreds of your favorite songs and fence yourself off from all the new stuff. Feel free to use this application and listen to the latest hits all the time with no restrictions!