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Radsone – excellent music player with a wide range of features

Finding a good player to play audio files on your smartphone is sometimes a very time-consuming task. Everyone loves to listen to music, and with today’s range of smartphones, no one can say as before – “my phone only makes calls, but I need to listen to music on the player.”

Now any, even a budget device of any brand, is able to play audio no worse than professional music gadgets, but on one condition – there should be a quality player installed on the smartphone. And one of these players is rightfully considered to be the Radsone Hi-Res Player. Let’s consider how it differs from its competitors and why its installation is recommended for any smartphone user who regularly listens to music.

General description

The Radsone player is currently installed on more than 1.5 million smartphones of the Android platform, as well as a huge number of iOS platform devices. This is a clear indication that the player is of high quality and very popular.

The main feature of the player is that it is able to play music files of high resolution, that is, Hi-Res. This is music of such a specific format, listening to which the user hears literally all the slightest nuances of the composition, both high and low frequencies, in maximum quality.

An important feature of the player is the use of Clear technology, which clears the track of extraneous noise and interference. Thanks to it, the music sounds as clear and voluminous as possible.

The user will not hear any hisses or digital artifacts, just clear sound in which you can hear every detail. Almost any user can install the player – to do this. It is sufficient to have a smartphone with a system from Jelly Bean and above.


Radsone’s main features

The Radsone player is distinguished by the following key features:

  1. The ability to play high-resolution music, which provides the clearest possible sound and the ability to enjoy the sound without noise and interference. The program uses a proprietary algorithm, Clear to remove noise, which works very well.
  2. The Radsone features a 10-band equalizer that allows you to adjust almost any nuance of song sound. The system successfully emphasizes bass and treble, all of which can be adjusted so that the music sounds nice and clear. There are presets for certain styles, making it easy for the user to customize the sound.
  3. The player supports modern wireless headset devices. If you want to listen to music via Bluetooth or Airplay, there will be no problem with this, as the program will easily detect the devices and will broadcast sound through them with the possibly highest quality.
  4. It is possible to automatically or manually set the optimization of sound depending on the mode of use. For example, in the standard settings, there are the following modes: headphones, speakers, and car. This helps to adjust the player to different conditions of listening to tracks.

An important advantage of the application is the ability to edit playlists by deleting uninteresting songs, setting your own playback order, etc. It is also a great advantage that the program consumes minimal power and almost no load on the gadget’s battery, even if it is not fully charged.

A small shortcoming the users complain about is the fact that the application does not know how to delete tracks from the device, and when you click the delete button, it erases the song only from the selected playlist. Although for some, this is rather a benefit.
All in all, Radsone is a great player for quality audio content consumption!