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Beer Buddy review

Mobile software designers make apps of different purposes. To notice it you can pay attention to Beer Buddy app. With its help you are always aware of what your friends are doing. And you can let people know when you:

  • want to drink some beer;
  • want some hard liquor;
  • managed to enter a cool party;
  • simply want to drink coffee.

After you choose a drink, all the users or only your friend (depends on settings) can see your location and understand what is going on. Download free android app and inform everyone about a party. In order to make it brighter, use discolight app, a flashlight with music and a strobe light.

Beer Buddy’s designers tried to let users control their privacy. And choose information to share and people to inform.

Functions in demand

You choose people to inform about this or that event, all the users or only friends. In order to hide your location from unfamiliar users, choose a “Ghost” mode. When it is activated, only friends can know where you are and what you are doing. If you need to switch the mode off, click “Drink now” and there you can switch from “Visible for friends” to “Public”.

Note that your location is available for other users only after you post a drink. Before it your location is unknown. That’s why don’t count on surveillance of particular people after installing this apk for android.

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Other options

  1. If you are ready not only for drinks but also for games, you should go to
  2. If you want to change you nickname, click the circle of location on the map and choose the section on the menu.
  3. If you need to block a friend, note that it is impossible to do. You can only delete them. To do it go to the friend section, find the person, click his/her name to enter their page and there is “Delete” in the settings.