Popular holidays and festivals of Lyon (France)

Lyon is a large city in France, which is popular because of its history and architecture. This old city has the atmosphere of a city of a forgotten time, and museums and other interesting sights are a good opportunity to learn about the history of Lyon.

Besides visiting outstanding places, the city invites its guests to visit the city’s famous holidays. Among them are the Lumière Brothers Film Festival; the Lyon Theatre, Cinema and Music Festival; the Festival of Light, or the Festival of Lights in Lyon; the Biennale of Modern Art; the New Sonor Electronic Music Festival.

Festival of Lights in Lyon

The world-famous Festival of Light is held in Lyon. This festival lasts for four days, from 8 to 11 December. The event was first held in the 17th century. The inhabitants of Lyon appealed to the Virgin Mary for help. This occurred at a time when the plague was raging across Europe and was reaching Lyon. The inhabitants promised Maria to make her famous by all means.

In early September, the plague ended without reaching Lyon. Then the inhabitants began to keep their promise. They created a monument to the Virgin, making it out of gold-plated bronze, and appointed a blessing ceremony for 8 September. However, the holiday had to be postponed for three months due to the flooding that hit the residents of Lyon in September. During the second attempt, Lyon was not surrounded by nature. The streets of the city were decorated with candles and lights, the townspeople fired cannons and rang the bells.

However, as soon as the people of Lyon lit the statue of Mary, a thunderstorm erupted in the sky and people were forced to interrupt the holiday. But when the last lightning struck, the inhabitants started to kindle the lights again and put candles on the windows of their houses.

Thus they continued the holiday. It was then that this event became official. In modern Lyon, it is an annual event. Today the festival has become quite solemn and large-scale. People hold concerts, dances, performances, and blow up fireworks. Over the years, the Fire Festival has attracted more and more tourists to the city.

Festival of Lights in Lyon

Lumière Brothers Film Festival

One of the most popular festivals in France is the Lumière Brothers Film Festival. It is the world’s premier festival of the film-making and film industry. This title comes from the names of the brothers Louis and Auguste Lumière, who started the French film industry and once lived in Lyon.

One prominent director comes to this festival every year and receives a prize called Lumière. The festival is held for ten days in October. During this time, all of the city’s cinemas show new and old films that have influenced the film industry. In addition, this festival is a time of outdoor displays. This film festival aims to become so large that its award can be compared to the Nobel Prize.

Biennale of Contemporary Art

Every two years, the Biennale of Contemporary Art is opened in Lyon for guests of the city. The time of the exhibition is all the months of autumn and December. This festival has been held since 1991. The most amazing and unique expositions are located in several exhibition centers in Lyon during these months. Artists from all over the world come to France to visit exhibitions.

Lyon is an unusual city that people consider the most comfortable for permanent residence in 2015. This French city remains more attractive to tourists than other cities.

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