Extraordinary world festivals

The thirst for extraordinary, interesting, and sometimes odd spectacles is enthusiastic. Those people who are tired of boredom and routine want to see unusual holidays. Residents organize festivals in many cities in Europe and America, which in the course of history have acquired the status of strange festivals of the world.

Most odd festivals

There are countless such festivals. New ones appear every year. We will give you examples of the most interesting festivals of this type in the world.

Twinsburg Traditional Twin Festival (USA)

Twinsburg is a small town in Ohio. Every year, it becomes the venue for a holiday that is characterized by a gathering of thousands of twins. It’s called a twin show. The story of the show is that 200 years ago, twin brothers named Wilcox paid City Hall $20 to rename this town Twinsburg (Twin City). Since then, once a year local residents and numerous guests observe masquerading processions of «similar» people.

Menton Lemon Festival (France)

There are also holidays dedicated to oranges, tomatoes and other vegetables, and fruits in places where they are grown on a large scale. This is the town of Menton on the French Riviera. The holiday, which is dedicated to the end of the harvest of lemons and other citrus fruits, is celebrated at the end of February. Huge platforms with paintings of lemons, oranges, limes, grapefruit, mandarins, litter, and other citrus fill the streets of Menton. Residents decorate Menton and its buildings with huge fruit panels. The installations broadcast different themes. For example, in past years there were themes «Ancient Egypt» and «India».

Menton Lemon Festival

Most Unique World Festivals

The Naki Sumo is such a festival.

The Naki Sumo Crying Baby Festival (Japan)

The strangeness and uniqueness of this holiday are related to the unusual lifestyle and culture of the Japanese. Europeans and Americans consider this a strange holiday. Parents in Japan come with their babies to the Senshoji Temple in Tokyo to perform crying babies every spring. The loud crying of babies is heard throughout the neighborhood. The babies turn out in the hands of giant Sumo wrestlers who scare children, make grimaces at them, causing heart-rending cries of children. That baby gets the grand prize whose scream will be the loudest and longest. The celebration is associated with the superstition that the screaming of babies frightens off evil spirits, while also making babies grow faster and healthier. The strangeness of this event is consistent with Japanese culture.

Another unique event is Ginger Day, Wife-carrying Championship, Elvis Festival (Parkes Elvis Festival), Elephant Show, and other ones.