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Most Popular Mobile Applications in the World

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find someone who does not use at least a basic set of applications on their smartphone. Most people regularly use social networks, buy train tickets, book hotels, and do online shopping.

Popular Mobile Applications to Download In 2023

The experts decided to conduct a study and determine the most popular mobile applications based on the number of downloads they have.


This application breaks every record imaginable, leaving all its competitors far behind. It was downloaded 65 million times in just one month. In terms of total users, the program has been downloaded to the phones of 3 billion people worldwide, which, by the way, is 40% of the world’s population. TikTok is the first program with such a large number of downloads that it does not belong to Facebook.

This is despite the reality that some countries have purposefully blocked the program on their territory. India, for example, is one of them. This application also stands out for its consumer spending, which has already exceeded $2.5 billion.


Another application that is enjoying huge success all over the world is Facebook. It was downloaded 53 million times in a single month. The highest numbers of downloads were recorded in India and the United States. According to statistics, Facebook has 2.8 billion live users per month. This company also owns other highly popular applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.


This social network is one of the world’s top three most downloaded applications. Almost 30 million people download it to their smartphones each month. According to statistics, Instagram has 1.3 billion active users. Most of these people live in India, where the highest percentage of downloads was recorded. The next countries on the list are the USA and Russia. These two countries also have a large number of Instagram users.

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Around 27 million people download WhatsApp each month. These are recent statistics that cannot be disputed. Not so long ago, the company planned to implement a new privacy policy that would require users to provide Facebook with their personal information.

This innovation sparked a wave of outrage among users, prompting management to abandon it. However, the outrage caused a significant drop in the application’s downloads. Over time, when everything returned to its place, the application began to show a large number of downloads again. It is now one of the top five most popular mobile programs.


With 21 million downloads, this mobile application quickly rose to fifth place in the Google Play Store’s list of the most downloaded programs after it was released. However, when it comes to the App Store, Telegram is not even in the top ten and has only 6 million downloads. The reason for this is the relatively high popularity of this social network in Russia. Approximately 82% of people surveyed in this country follow the application’s news channels.


In just one month, around 25 million users downloaded this application. In terms of downloads, Facebook Messenger ranks 14th among the applications that have reached this milestone. In 2019, the Facebook application passed the 5 billion download mark; WhatsApp reached the same mark in 2020.

In this article, we told you about the most popular mobile programs that almost every person on the planet has on their smartphone. Applications are constantly getting new updates, and their features and capabilities continue to expand.