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Popular Applications to Control Your Phone From a PC

Modern technology has advanced significantly, and people can now control their smartphones from their home PC. There are various reasons why they may need this option. Many people enjoy playing video games or using instant messengers. Playing games on a smartphone is a much more enjoyable experience when done on a computer screen with a mouse and keyboard connected. Usually, programs of this kind are compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Which Application to Choose to Control Your Phone from a PC

Before you can select a program, you must first prepare by installing specific drivers and enabling the USB debugging option. Let’s take a look at the best choices.


Vysor is one of the most popular programs in its category. It is completely free to use with no restrictions or advertisements and is available on both Android smartphones and iPhones. To use this application, you must first install the Universal ADB driver pack, as it will allow computer programs to control your smartphone.

The first thing you ought to do is enable developer mode in your smartphone settings. Click the Build Number option several times until you see a message indicating that you are now a developer. After that, find the Developer Options button in the settings and enable USB debugging. The final step is to download the mobile application to your smartphone and connect the device to your PC using a USB cable.

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Another application to control your phone from a PC is Scrcpy. More than 100 programmers worked on its development. It is an excellent product that boasts high speed and has a delay of about 40 to 70 milliseconds. The program does not require an internet connection. However, these are not the only advantages of this product.

Users can also record videos and adjust image quality there. If you have already installed all the necessary drivers and prepared everything in accordance with the previous paragraph, all you have to do is access the program page on the Internet and run the application on your computer. You won’t need to install anything else, nor will you need to sign up or come up with any passwords.


This application requires an Internet connection. Users won’t need a cable. They will be able to control their smartphone from anywhere. However, in addition to installing the application, they will have to set many other system permissions. This software product will be useful for those who want to read notifications from their smartphone on a PC screen.

Every time you use a bank card to buy something on the Internet, you must enter the code from an SMS to confirm the transaction. You will no longer need to keep your smartphone nearby with this program. The message will appear on your computer screen, which is very convenient. That is why so many people download AirDroid. The program has a high rating and numerous positive mentions from users all over the world.

Wondershare MirrorGo

This program is likely to pique the interest of gamers. It allows users to record their screens and synchronize their saves without requiring them to download any Android applications. The disadvantage of the program, however, is that its free demo is only available for the first 5 hours, after which users will have to pay $20 per month or $40 per year. This is not a complete list of software products in this category; there are numerous other viable options. They are all intended to solve different problems and meet the needs of various user groups. That is why everybody can choose any application that interests them the most and use it in accordance with their needs.