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PocketMQO: 3D Modeling Application

PocketMQO is a mobile application popular in narrow circles of 3D graphics specialists. This Android app can recognize and handle MQO, PMD, PMX, and VMD models. It allows you to work with 3D objects by loading a set of movements and sound samples.

Main Features

The application can open 3D models with a set of movements and sound presets. It is compatible with MMD files and other entertainment content. Users can change the proportions of objects, adjust shadows and the lighting system. The interface adapts to the diagonal of the display and has zoom buttons.

You can also import new textures and a color palette into it. Anyone interested in 3D graphics can experiment with downloadable models or create a new object on a smartphone or tablet. One of the advantages of PocketMQO is its relatively low power consumption of the device.

Settings and Objects

The application supports multi-touch gestures, swiping, and double-tapping to move and zoom objects. Users can take screenshots and open the editing area in full-screen mode. The apk app has no advertising content and can be downloaded for free. This is very convenient since advertising banners will not cover the editing area.

In addition to models, users can download sound presets and animations and synchronize the model’s movements. A detailed description of the 3D template will help you fix possible errors and switch between several editing modes.



  • 3D modeling application;
  • support for all major graphic formats;
  • modeling objects, textures, and lighting;
  • the application is available for free;
  • the application is compatible with all the current versions of Android.

Example of the use of PocketMQO

The PocketMQO utility is suitable for Android smartphones and tablets and helps users open files such as Metasequoia, MikuMikuDance, and MotionData. You can also generate animated 3D models with this, which will do various dance moves in the tune of the song or music. In this way, users can visualize the music composition effectively due to the possibilities of PocketMQO.

Unfinished 3D models that programmers call morphs are a method of creating animation. PocketMQO has tools that help you adjust the texture, transparency, lighting level, and color palette of your animations. You can also work with a colleague who will give you an example of dance moves.

The utility has a large number of functional possibilities. In addition, PocketMQO is a free program, and that’s why it’s so valuable and popular. You’ll be surprised by how convenient this program is. That’s why you have to download this application yourself and try it out.

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