Ways to save money at festivals

More and more events for music lovers appear every year. Festivals are among them. World-renowned artists and groups perform at the festivals. In addition, the festival is a great idea for a pleasant weekend in nature with friends.

You can spend a lot of money if you become too fond of music. Expensive tickets and expensive grocery stores will cause your purse to be empty. You must plan your budget in advance. Do not forget to follow the advice that will be described in this article to keep your bank account in harmony.

  1. Buy tickets at a discount. Do you want to go to the festival but can’t afford expensive tickets? You can still be at the festival. Many festival organizers offer the possibility to buy tickets in advance: such tickets are cheaper than the main ones that most people buy two days before the event. If you have planned to visit the festival for several days in a row, you can search the Internet for offers to buy tickets for all days at a better price. The Internet will also help you find transportation to the Festival base and the hotel. If you buy a ticket in advance, it doesn’t mean you have to attend all the festival days.
  2. You must remember to save on food. Food stalls have tasty but expensive delicacies. We suggest you go to the supermarket and buy food and drinks there. Take from the house a large refrigerator bag, some ice cubes, and food suitable for outdoor storage. The administration of most festivals allows guests to import their own alcoholic beverages into the campsite. If you’re lucky enough to have an administration like this, you should take another refrigerator bag with you.

  3. Plan your trip. You must get to the festival at the right time. Remember that all festival guests will go there at the same time, which increases the price of tickets in case of general organized transport. You can travel by train or bus, which will save you a lot of money if you book a ticket in advance. If you prefer to travel by car, you should share the cost of gasoline with friends or acquaintances that also travel to the festival with you in the same car.
  4. Don’t buy souvenirs. When you wait for the festival to start, you are filled with euphoria about the upcoming event. Persistent vendors can try to sell postcards, programs, or festival accessories at incredibly high prices and you decide to buy them. Don’t make that mistake! In this way, you will only lose money. Buy the necessary accessories in advance and print the festival program by yourself.
  5. Become a volunteer. If you offer your services as a volunteer in the process of organizing the festival, you can get a free ticket or a pass to the event by becoming a staff member (which usually provides more comfort than an old tent that has been in storage for several years). Festival management often announces news about recruitment on their social media page in advance. However, you must bear in mind that the benefits here have a process alongside responsibility. So don’t forget your duties when you’re having fun at the festival.
  6. Do not withdraw money from ATMs during the festival. You should think ahead about the amount of money you can spend every day. This will keep you from spending a lot of money on ATM fees.
  7. Take your charger with you. You’ll be very upset if your phone goes off in the middle of a three-day festival. You won’t be able to find your friends in the crowd because of this. How will you contact your loved ones to tell them you’re here and everything’s fine? And most importantly, if your phone goes off, you won’t be able to update your status on social media. Keep your phone battery charged so that such experiences do not spoil your holiday at the festival. Buy a mobile battery or solar charger (and better both) to not waste time searching for contacts.

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